12v rechargeable battery

5 Benefits of the 12v rechargeable battery

When it comes to car batteries, you often are forced to make your choice between two great battery types, the lithium ion 12v rechargeable battery and the lead acid one. Although these two from the surface might seem like great choices, there is always a difference, a major one in fact! And apart from differences, there are also a lot of benefits you’ll enjoy from using 12v rechargeable lithium ion batteries and here are they.

12v rechargeable battery

  1. Ecofriendly

Rechargeable 12v lithium ion batteries are considered an ideal choice simply because they are considered to be very energy efficient which means that it takes less energy for you to recharge them than it takes for you to manufacturer a lead ion battery. This makes them very convenient and supportive towards environmental conservation efforts.


  1. They have a higher lifespan

It doesn’t take an experienced metaphysicist to figure out that a 12v rechargeable battery will outlast a lead ion battery in a car. When purchasing a car battery, one thing that’s needed and really necessary is the ability to look at things in the long term. You want to buy a battery that you know you’ll be able to use for the next 15-20 years without much hassle and the only way you can be sure of that is by getting yourself a lead ion battery. In fact, a rechargeable 12v battery can be recharged for over 2 000 times. As you can see, what this means is that 12v rechargeable batteries are a great alternative to lead ion batteries and the great thing is that you can get these batteries at very cheap prices saving money in the process.


  1. They have a higher energy density

The 12v on rechargeable batteries is not an estimate. A single charge can really deliver that much power. In fact, unlike other batteries, the voltage of rechargeable batteries will never decrease with time. It will remain constant throughout the battery’s lifetime and as I said above, the battery’s lifetime can be an upward of 10 years. In addition, the battery is also able to operate for long before needing another recharge. Such effectiveness will go a long way in improving the overall performance of your car and other appliances you might be using the 12v rechargeable battery for. ]


  1. Lower self-discharge rate

This is the major issue with batteries, they lose their charge over time, which is expected! 12v rechargeable batteries do too but the distinctive thing is that this process takes place at a slower pace in 12v rechargeable batteries as compared to other battery types. This means (as highlighted on the point above) that you’ll go for long without needing to recharge your battery once more.


  1. Lower maintenance needs

12v rechargeable batteries are not dependent on maintenance for optimum performance. Unlike other batteries that might need periodic discharges to keep them ion top condition, such process are not a requirement for lithium ion batteries.

12v rechargeable

So, there are the benefits of 12v rechargeable batteries, I hope they will convince you to get one for you car.

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